Getting down-‘n-dirty – Muddy Buddy Miami 2010

2 12 2010

The Colombia Muddy Buddy Logo2 “athletes”, 1 mountain bike, 3 obstacles and a giant mud pit…hmmm…what could be more fun? As it turns out, NOTHING!!!

Of course El Conquistador and El Shuffler teamed up to race while A-Team also showed up team.

The morning started out to early courtesy of El Shuffler. We arrived at the Miami Zoo at 6am, about 2 hours before we actually needed to be there (another one of El Shuffler’s greatest ideas). Picked up our packets, prepared our bikes and were ready to go. Except we still had two hours until start time so we do the obvious, 4 trips to the port potties and mingle with the other competitors.

There were a ton of people in costume (note to self – next year we need costumes) but we had an extra “team mate” riding on our bike (aka El Conquistador’s babe). With time to spare we tried out our new flabongo and as it turns out Conquistador has been out of college longer then we realized based on the results. So the A-Team screamed party foul and he had to redeem himself.

Hundreds of teams toed the line before the horn blows off marking the start. We are in the 2nd wave (thanks to El Shufflers age) which meant there weren’t a lot of people ahead of us. Off we go pedaling hard and chatting with our bike babe (turns out it was a  GREAT idea to have her along; not only was she great company but she made finding our bike in transition a breeze). El Conquistador picks up the bike at T1 and makes his wasy to T2. With El Shuffler now running (and yes folks he was actually passing people that were NOT walking) and almost at T2 he is greeted by the world famous hate2run call – KAA KAA!!! And so the leap frogging begins.

Before you know it El Conquistador is patiently waiting for El Shuffler in order to tackle the final obstacle – THE MUD PIT. It is obvious that El Shuffler got distracted with the giraffes as it took him a bit too long to arrive. Finally he is spotted with our bike babe on board ready for the mud.  It is obvious that we are not attacking the pit on our hands and knees, we do the army crawl head first into the mud. We are swimming in mud all the way to the finish line.

El Shuffler forgot to close his eyes in the mud pit (Note to self: Bring goggles next time) so a quick stop at the eye rinse station was required. Covered with mud and dirt we got out picture taken and off to the showers!

Back to the finish line to see the A-Team finish and guide them to the shower. It was chaos in the shower area with over a hundred mud bathed, half naked mudthletes trying to rinse off. It was successful race for all involved. Obviously the next stop was the Red Hook Beer tent. We networked with other folks and funny enough a large number of them will be at Warrior Dash in January.

We have signed up for next year…let’s get 10 hate2run teams to sign up.

PS – Big shout out to Sweet Leaf Tea and the Columbia Teams!



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