About the 2 locos

Two gents (lets call them Shuffler & El Conquistador) meet in Florida and become great friends. It all starts with Triathlons as the foundation and takes off from there. This site will share our adventures, misadventures and other crazy happenings. We are always open to race suggestions and of course welcome sponsors.  Funny enough one of the two gents always forgets that he really hates to run (or so he says).

We will not lie about it, we race for fun, for the metal (read medals), swag and belt buckles (we recently added this to the equation in 2010).

No race is too small. Some races are too large and too long but we usually find out after the fact. We always end up saying the same old thing after every race….”How about we train next time?”. WTC may become a thing of the past for us as we try to take on new endurance challenges (can’t disclose them yet as they may become popular before we are ready to take them on).

One response

4 02 2011
GIna Abbadessa

I visited! I HATE 2 RUN too!

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