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21 08 2010

El Shuffler and El Conquistador have been doing their best to train for the Miami 70.3 coming up in October. In addition to the quasi training, we have been:

1) Designing the logo for the Hate2 Series

2) Finalizing the Hate2 Nation

3) Planning the 2011 Races

4) El Conquistador continually humbled by the Carols in his runs

5) Drinking some of Auntie’s secret beverage 😉

7) El Shuffler is actually swimming…can’t say the same for El Conquistador

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Expedition Everest Challenge – Race Report

15 06 2010

By: El Shuffler

Respect the Yeti Sign

WOW…. where do I begin for this adventure…..Ok this is a race recap for the Expedition Everest Challenge…

El Conquistador arrived and we got our race uniforms together…. He had some Hate2run shirts made up and I had some visors done… now we did not have to argue about what to wear….We looked like a TEAM!!!!!!

The drive to Orlando was fast and action packed…… Took longer than expected… several “are we there yet” and “I have to visit the boys room”….hahha.. we discussed SEVERAL races that we should be doing…. ones that we wanted to add to the bucket list…. we also discussed our training plan the upcoming Miami 70.3… and with a whole bunch of ALS warriors/Friends coming down to our back yard…. we want to be ready… So after a couple hours of training talk…. we have decide what beer we will have at the after party and what kind of Pizzas we need to get…. another successful training day….

Arrival at packet pick-up brought the same excitement as always….. cools shirts and fun stuff… they even had a sample of the type of clue we could expect for the race…… And then it hit us…….OH BOY WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE… not from the lack of training (as usual) but we could NOT figure out the sample clue!!!!!!!! WE are not smarter the a 5th grader….. decision time….. use the free pass to the park and scout out the area????? or head to a sports bar to watch the World Cup????? Park, World Cup, Park, World Cup….. World Cup won….. so after some fluids to hydrate and a burger….. we settled into the match…. back and forth… a nail biter….

Time to go.. needed to get to the park…. and make a quick run through to get the lay of the lands plus ride on the rides… no wait lines… so right on to the Everest ride…… had no idea that the all mighty El Conquistador was not a big fan of roller coasters…. OOPS!!!!!! too late to turn back now….

As soon as the bar came down across our laps….. the SCHREEK was heard…. I thought it was the YETI….. nope…. just my faithful teammate Conquistador…. with a death grip on the rail… so I knew right then… there would be no hands in the air for him….:)

Photo Of Everest Ride - Animal Kingdom

After the initial shock of the first trip….. he was giddy…. “let’s do it again, let’s do it again…” OK only one more time…. then we need to get scouting…… One quick trip through the park…. looked at signs, entrances and shop name…. there were a couple I knew we would see again…..

Back to the car for a quick nap and feet up… and it was 7:30 and time to get in our wave…. we were in wave 2…. good close to the front… we would need all the time we could get to figure out the clues..

Lots of people heard whispering…..…..what’s that about?????? and they have matching visors…. the word is out there……

8:30… show time…… fireworks, count down, high five and we are off “Here we go again” the first bit had us running through a parking lot….. flash back from the Disney marathon…. not good……

5k run went well…..El Shuffler lived up to his name again….. we had 4 obstacles to complete….. balance beam, tire run.. army crawl under net and jumping over hay bales…..A guy ran by us with his wife and said he was part of our team “I hate to run but my wife forces me” to which the wife replied “He is a good husband”…

Finished the run and got our first clue…. sweat dripping off of us…. we BOTH gripped our maps of the park….and got our first clue we were on a roll now…. back into the park… head to Mickey and Minnie….

Found the next clue…. “we are cooking with propane at this point…. used the flash lights that they gave us.. (big help) because Shuffler forgot both the head lamp he bought and his reading glasses…..

Come to find out… the clues were not as bad as expected… Conquistador had them figured out rather quickly..but we were second guessing ourselves…..and lost some time there…. OH well no worries…

Four clues later and we were headed toward the finish line……. crossing the finish line….. lots of pics… got the MEDAL… it’s awesome….. AND the misadventures of the 2 locos really began….

Through the finish line…. got our water and some food, started to jam to the music and enjoy the festival…. and then Conquistador drops a BOMB!!!!!…

“hey buddy….. I lost the key to the car” and I am thinking….. ok he is just messing with me….. so i kind of blow it off…. and he says again…..”hey buddy I really lost the key to the car.. we don’t panic….. yet…… we kind of have a good idea where it might have fallen out of his pocket…… somewhere in animal Kingdom… whew…. at least that the only park we were in….. we will find it…hahhaha…. He asks a volunteer and they direct him towards the park entrance to baggage claim….. we shuffle to the entrance and then someone tells us that baggage claim is back there…..OOOOOOF!!!!!! conquistador is worried because I have to work at the hosp in the am….. and I am worried I will have to ride all the way back to West Palm in wet clothes.

So like most amusement parks with all the people…. I lost sight of Conquistador….no keys and no Conquistador….huh…… then from the hounds of hell…. I hear the A team call… KA -KA KA-KA… he had found his way into the lost and found…… “hey buddy they have my key”…. WHAT…. they have my key…
approaching the counter…. this Asian lady.. is all smiles and holding the golden key…. in all the excitement and thank you and arigato’s……I think I heard Conquistador either he wanted to kiss her… or marry her????? not sure which…. and I did not mention it on the road home…….

Back to the car vroom vroom… yes the key worked….. a quick change and off to get some food and more hydration… Hooters wings and a cold liquid… what a combo…..

El Conquistador was so excited he drove all the way home….and besides it was WAY past my bed time…

Another great adventure had by the 2 locos from Hate2Nation…..And don’t forget if you see this guy at a race…the Hate2Nation is there!

Zombie Hat2 Nation
The Zombie – Symbol of Hate2Nation
Respect the Yeti SignRespect the Yeti Sign

El Suffler

14 06 2010

You questioned his existence…Proof is here. He exists. He hates to run.

El Shuffler Photo

The Fearless Leader


14 06 2010

Yes it is out there…Maybe you have seen it…Maybe you have heard about it…Maybe you know about it. Keep checking as we may just come out and let everyone know what the fuzz is all about!

We are back and we are bad…….

4 06 2010

Uncle Sam got his hooks into us….. but not for long…… nobody said we had to pay him back right away…… So with that said…. EL Conquistador and EL Shuffler shook the laundry basket and the couch…. and we are off to Orlando on Jun 12 For the Everest Challenge.. A 5k run/obstacles.. and then a scavenger hunt through the animal kingdom for clues to get us to the finish and the AWESOME medal..
WE are doing this race as a team sooooooo if I know these 2 there will be chattering the whole race..hahah….
Race report and pics will follow… stay thirsty my friends..

Expedition Everest.

I guess Uncle Sam could not slow us down for too long.

On Hold

23 05 2010

Uncle Sam 2 – El Shuffler / El Conquistador – 0

Tax season came around and Uncle Sam took a nice chunk of our racing money. So racing is on hold but we will be back. For now we are planning the next stage of

“A Team” Members Cross Florida…running

30 03 2010

Two black F150’s holding 8 crazy college kids and enough equipment to sustain them for a month, set out to conquer the Sunset to Sunrise relay; a race across Florida from Ft. Myers to Jensen Beach.

Race start: 4:30pm Friday, March 26, 2010. Racers must be at the start 30 minutes prior to designated start time in order to check in.

Team arrival: 4:01. Upon arrival they realize they must’ve seriously overestimated their running abilities and have somehow been placed in the “elite” group. “We are definitely the sandlot team here”, they say. Off to a great start.

Photo of Relay Team

Two trucks leapfrogging each other; tackling four legs at time. “This isn’t so bad” they think, “We’re doing good”, until someone does the math and figures out that, at their current pace, they won’t reach the finish until midnight the next night; about 4 hours too late. I wouldn’t call it cheating, I’d call it…making it work. They made up a few hours and were back on track. Trying to follow black and white, blurry, map print outs from exchange point to exchange point in the middle of nowhere at ungodly hours of the night (getting lost approximately 36 times); catching shuteye whenever/wherever possible (on the side of the road, on the tailgate, the toolbox etc.); stopping at every questionable establishment from Ft. Myers to Jensen Beach to use their facilities (bathing and changing in the McDonalds bathroom in Okeechobee at 2am and in Belle Glade at 6am, clogging up the toilet in the one and only gas station outside of Stuart); taking on the elements (stray dogs, snakes, semi trucks, huge cows, massive amounts of mosquitoes, and a group of old drunk people); somehow, 26 hours and 180 miles later, they make it to Jensen Beach and, with a load of teamwork, they cross the finish line, where beer and ziti await them! Despite sleep deprivation, fatigue, muscle cramps, chafing and a near death experience, they’d do it again in a heartbeat!

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!”

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