Tony Kanaan Miami 70.3 Role Model

19 11 2010

Investigative report by hate2run

Just in case you simply took us for complainers. Tony Kanaan in this video shows exactly what is wrong with WTC and how out of control the Miami 70.3 race went. Check out the video and then read our statements:

1) Kanaan was the poster child for Miami 70.3. The race directors even issued press releases for him (paying more attention than to the pros). They even feature his results on the official site:

2) Not only did we see him drafting but he admits it in the video (1:47 in the video) “We rode together the whole way” and he is filmed doing so

3) “I am already 50 minutes quicker than my previous one” (1:20 in the video) Uhmmm either there is doping involved or his blatant cheating is responsible

4) Kanaan does not even know the distance for a 70.3 race (ok ok we will let this one fly and assume he got his kilometers mixed with miles or can’t convert) “2 mile swim, 52.1 miles cycling, 13.1 miles run”. We are not the smartest tools in the shed but our math tells us that is a 67.2 mile race

5) It must be nice to have someone help you change your tires during a race. Well according to Kanaan in an article published by WTC ““The other day I got a flat on my bike and I didn’t have six people there to change it for me,” Kanaan jokes. “In triathlons, it’s all you.”” I guess he did get lucky and have a crew for the race.

WTC and Miami 70.3 organizers sent Tony Kanaan to the 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater. Maybe its just us but how do you beat your PR by 50 minutes when you have a flat tire that takes 13 minutes to change? Oh yeah by cheating. He was in the top 50 of the bike of 2:29.15. Hmmmmm come again?

Maybe the combination of cheating and racing a shorter course of 67.2 miles made all the difference.

His Miami 70.3 Results:
Swim: 44:54 T1: 3:05 Bike: 2:29:15 T2: 1:20 Run: 2:05:09 Total: 5:23:43 Rank: 401 Age Group: 70

His 70.3 Championship Results:
Swim: 37:28 T1: 3:22 Bike: 2:24:13 T2: 2:57 Run: 1:58:43 Total: 5:06:43 Rank: 1091 Age Group: 182

The only other race we could find for him – 2004 California 70.3:

Swim: 40:43 T1: 6:04 Bike: 2:45:12 T2: 4:42 Run: 2:19:35 Total: 5:56:13 Rank: 1061 Age Group: 115

By looking at the times above, can you tell us how he was only 5 minutes slower in Miami after a 13 minute delay because of the tire issue?


Find the race in which Kanaan qualified for Clearwater and you get a free Hate2Run visor. My guess is you won’t find any other way except WTC giving him a free pass since this was his third race ever according to this article and the results for his three races are posted above:

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